STATEMENT- Rochdale Muslim Community on release without charge of Rochdale Family

The following is a statement submitted to Majed’s blog from members of the Rochdale Muslim community including Teachers, Businessmen, Solicitors, Healthcare professionals and Community activists that has been circulated widely locally to Community Leaders and on social Media in light of the recent releasing without charge of 6 Rochdale residents accused of trying to sneak into Syria with eight of […]

Rochdale Family arrested on Syrian Border- Released without Charge

By Majed Iqbal- The ‘Rochdale 9’, a family of nine including 5 adults and 4 children (minors not guilty of anything) caught on the Syrian Border and an individual under investigation in Rochdale have all been released without charge. Police said there was no evidence has uncovered to suggest any imminent threat ‘to the communities of Rochdale or the […]

‘Rochdale 9’ Syria Case- Media Hounds Muslim Community for story

By Majed Iqbal- Since Thursday, when news broke out on nine individuals from Rochdale caught on the Turkish border, allegedly attempting to enter Syria, there has been a huge Media Presence in the town. Whilst many would welcome this discourse, the climate of Islamophobia in Britain today, coupled with draconian laws that target the Muslim […]