Ummah Channel ‘Debate Night’- “Afghanistan- 10 years on”

I was invited onto the popular Debate Night show on Ummah Channel last night to discuss the Post 9/11 decade for the Muslim World. Afghanistan, the first country to be invaded, occupied and showcased in the name of the War on Terror has been the subject of discussion in the last years. ‘Where is the […]

Passion Islam Magazine- Cameron in Egypt?

Read the March 2011 edition of Passion Islam Magazine where Majed’s Article featured on the topic of PM David Cameron’s Visit to Egypt Read the article online on Here. Read the full text of the article on the blog here

COMMENT- What is PM Cameron doing in Egypt?

By Majed Iqbal- British Prime Minister, David Cameron will be the first head of State to visit the ‘New’ Egypt, post Mubarak, the dictator who ruled Egypt for over 30 years with full backing and Support from the West which included commercial, military and intelligence ties . Today Cameron is congratulating the Egyptian People on […]

Queen in Hijaab in a Masjid?? A detailed look at her Royal Visit to Dubai

By Waseem Aslam- Picture it, an elderly woman steps onto a hand stitched Iranian carpet that took 1200 women two years to make. She is covering her head in an act of modesty and is barefoot out of respect for the place she is visiting. The hosts pander to her every need, showing off the […]

British Boy Sahil Kidnap Case- Who are the Culprits?

By Majed Iqbal- A story which has acclaimed international attention in the last few weeks has now come to rest. The abduction and kidnapping of a five year old child from Oldham travelling to Pakistan with his family hit news stations and papers across the globe as the case was followed hourly anticipating the worst outcome. Finally, after a Global operation […]

COMMENT- Irans “Unacceptable” Democracy?

 By Majed Iqbal-Western countries have gone mad questioning  the validity of the results of the Iranian Elections. Newspaper reportage and coverage like ‘ Democracy is the loser in Iran’s ‘free’ election’ and ‘Iran faces international backlash over vote-rigging claims’ have all added to the media frenzy on Iran as Western observers map out what now […]