**EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW** – Rabbi Cohen speaks out against #Gazaunderattack

FROM THE ARCHIVES- Rabbi Cohen exposes Israel as being un-representative of Jewish beliefs and supports the idea of Jews and Muslims living under a Caliphate which will guarantee real prosperity for different faiths.   Interviewed by Majed Iqbal & Waseem Aslam Rabbi Cohen, how do you feel the world community should look at the current […]

PALESTINE: Visiting The Land Of The Furthest Mosque

By Hamid Chaudry- I recently had the great fortune of visiting the blessed land of Palestine. The memories of the journey will stay with all of us who travelled. Our group… twenty strong, embarked on a visit to the three holiest sites in Islam… the Masjids in Makkah, Madinah and Al-Quds, or Jerusalem, to use […]